Why Business is Bad,
Executives are Sick
and People Hate Coming to Work

And what we can do about it.

by John D. Callos

So why the Manifesto?

As a confidential CEO Advisor for nearly twenty years, and a former senior executive of NYSE Banks, Iíve seen patterns and repeated mistakes that are eroding our nationís corporate competitiveness, destroying families and making executives feel both miserable and trapped.

Iím writing this Manifesto to ignite a conversation, to get executives talking about making real change to their style of leadership and the way they run their business and life. By highlighting the well-known hypocrisy and misguided priorities of corporate America, I hope to provoke executives to change their behavior and adjust their approach to leadership.

Hereís whatís wrong... (Expand All)

1. Wasting time in meetings. More 

2. Putting work above all else in life. More 

3. Too many long, boring emails. More 

4. CEOs with weak backbones. More 

5. Managers who avoid tough decisions. More 

6. Unclear direction and poor follow-up. More 

7. Too much "collaboration" and not enough action. More 

8. Overly complicated & ornate PowerPoint decks. More 

9. Corporate double standards & sexism. More 

10. Reluctance to promptly address failures and setbacks. More 

11. Rampant politics and infighting. More 

12. Poor calendar management. More 

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13. Selfish executives looking out for themselves. More 

14. Poor career management. More 

15. Lack of consistency and focus. More 

16. Failure to take notes and follow-up. More 

17. Protecting poor performers. More 

18. Managers who put friendship over performance. More 

19. Lack of executive integrity. More 

20. Using community events for personal gain. More 

21. Chasing too many strategic objectives. More 

22. Matrixed reporting lines without a single boss. More 

23. Whiners, complainers and pointless debaters. More 

24. Corporate favoritism and bias. More 

25. Passing the buck and blaming "corporate." More 

26. Bullies and jerks. More 

by John D. Callos

Mr. Callos is CEO of ExecuBridge, a CEO Advisory, Executive Coaching and Executive Facilitation firm that is committed to improving the performance of leaders, their executive teams and the results of the organizations they lead. His work involves confidential CEO and Board advisory services, executive coaching, executive team offsites, keynote speeches and performance assessments of leaders and their teams.

Mr. Callos writes extensively about leadership issues, he has addressed thousands of executives in his speeches on coaching and accountability and has personally advised hundreds of the nation's top CEOs, business executives and Board members.

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